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accountingcourses-unisa01Unisa is the only distance learning university in South Africa. They offer a wide range of distance learning courses and qualifications. In addition to unisa’s variety of accounting courses, their College of Economic and Management Sciences offers a selection of courses in tax and bookkeeping. Unisa’s other colleges include: Human Sciences, Education Law, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and Science, Engineering and Technology.   

 Study via distance learning at unisa

Unisa’s offer courses on the following certificate levels:

  • Short course certificate
  • Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Degrees

Unisa have exam rooms in different locations all over South Africa. This means that students can access an exam location from almost anywhere – making it easier to study and write their practical exams.

Since this is a distance learning university, students don’t have to attend classes. This allows unisa to cater for a wider spectrum of students than a traditional university could. Unisa makes use of either courier or postal service to send out and deliver study material to their students.

Although unisa does not offer extensive student support, they do occasionally host a variety of workshops and seminars for certain subjects. These workshops and seminars are usually held at the regional centres.

They also have an online student portal, where students can access past exam papers and communication with other students who are studying the same subjects. Unisa students are encouraged to form study groups with one another, or post discussion topics on the forums and get advice from one another as to how they managed to study their material effectively.

Unisa’s academic year

Unisa’s semesters begin in January and July. Registration periods are usually held at the beginning of each new semester. Assignment submission dates, tutorials and examination dates are usually also communicated to students at the beginning of a semester. There are also closing dates for subject changes, module cancellations and exam venue changes.

Unisa’s assessments and exams

Examination marks typically make up the largest part of the final mark for a subject. However, students are required to pass a number of assignments in order to gain admission to the examination itself.

Unisa accounting coursesUnisa, Accounting Courses

Here is a list of accounting courses you can study at unisa:

  • Course in Accounting for School Governance
  • Course in Basic Principles of Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation
  • Course in Computerised Bookkeeping
  • Course in Fundamental Accounting
  • Course in Intermediate Financial Accounting
  • Course in Practical Bookkeeping
  • Course in Practical Municipal Accounting
  • Short Course in Financial and Accounting Principles for Public Entities
  • Workshop in Basic Accounting
  • Programme in Forensic and Investigative Auditing
  • Auditing in an IT Environment
  • Short Course in Introduction to Performance Auditing
  • Short Course in Introduction to the Internal Audit Process
  • Introduction to Risk-based Internal Auditing
  • Short Course in the Professional Practice Framework for Internal Auditors